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One of the only full-length reviews I’m doing on a product which I've only used as a mini, the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser deserves nothing less. The brand is consistently on celebrity and skinfluencers monthly must-have lists and all their products notoriously review very highly.

This cleanser was gifted to me as a mini set as a birthday present, and I won’t to lie to you and say it was top of my list. I have enough balm cleansers and find they are all very similar; this was going to be just the same, right? Wrong. This is a game-changer for makeup removal, and as its name suggests, more butter-y than anything I had tried before.

Supercharged with antioxidants and African fruit oils (marula, baobab, Kalahari melon, mongongo and Ximenia), the butter advertises to cleanse and moisturise without any irritants or sensitisers. You apply to dry skin and rub away makeup and grim, turning the butter into an oil. Once warm water is added it turns to a milky consistency which is easy to remove with a flannel.

Along with the cleanser, you also receive a “Bamboo Booster”. Which is a little sachet filled with ultra-fine bamboo and charcoal, creating a scrub to use once or twice a week in the cleanser as an exfoliant.

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  • The word “butter” does this a great justice, as it does exactly what it says on the tin. This is my go-to makeup remover, and by far the most effective cleanser I have used to melt off those caked on layers of mascara (applying those third and fourth layers always seem like such a good idea at the start of the night…). Many other reviewers have also claimed this is the best makeup remover they use.

  • I love the formula for this. Once warmed up it liquifies into an oil almost instantly, the type of consistency which remains solid however in warmer temperatures it softens making it a dream to scoop out and apply to your face.

  • Even after three rounds of heavy-duty cleansing at 2am after too many wines, this never leaves my skin feeling dry and battered. Due to it being hard-working, yet natural and kind to skin, I would recommend this to anyone including those who are prone to reacting to new products. Many other reviewers echo this is great for their sensitive skin, and those who are oily don’t experience their usual breakouts.

  • The Bamboo Booster was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. It’s an extra that transforms the cleanser to a multi-use product with only a light sprinkling of the booster into the balm. The powder is incredibly fine, but very effective and leaves my skin extra soft.

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Keep scrolling, nothing to see here.

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Did I like it? Love it.

Price? £29 for 110g

Would I repurchase? In a heartbeat. It’s an incredible price for the brand who famously have serums and moisturisers which will make your eyes water at the price. This is worth every penny.

Average online review ratings out of 5: 4.8 Boots, 4.2 Cult Beauty, 4.4 Space:NK

Drunk Elephant Butter cleanser: Text
Drunk Elephant Butter cleanser: Text
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