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I'm a huge fan of The Ordinary, it's simple, fuss-free and super affordable if you're looking to test drive different ingredient based products, and this cleanser is no different.

This has a balm turn to oil consistency once mixed with your hands. Like most cleansers, it promises to melt away grim from the day, make up and SPF, but with an emphasis on squalane as it's spotlight ingredient.

Squalane is a moisturising ingredient which mimics your skins natural oils. It is the end result of when squalene goes through hydrogenation (the process of making the ingredient stable enough that it's still useful when added to products).

Squalene tends to be found less in your skin as you get older, particularly from 30 onward, which is why using products containing it helps to keep your skin juicy as you age.

One extra thing worth noting, shark liver oil was once one of the most common squalene sources. Due to obvious ethical issues, most companies have moved away from using shark-derived squalene in their products and the squalane in skin-care products is now being mostly sourced from plants. However that would be one just to keep an eye out for for if you look solely for vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced products.

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  • The price. I hate to add this in as I personally don't believe the price tag should affect whether the product actually deserves a coveted place on your bathroom shelf (i.e don't put it on your skin just because it's cheap, put it on your skin because it WORKS), but I can't deny how affordable this is. Starting from the £5 mark for 50ml, you quite literally can't afford to go wrong. 

  • Using this is genuinely enjoyable. The instructions state to warm it up for a few seconds in your fingertips to make it easier to apply and this works a treat. It feels super hydrating, leaving no tightness and not impossible to take off, unlike other similar products in the same category.

  • I use this as my morning cleanse, but I've also seen it as a popular first cleanse for many people in the evening to remove make up. The majority of reviews state those who use it are impressed by how it emulsifies and melts off make up. 

  • It's effective. I noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin  after a couple weeks. The texture improved and my T-Zone felt less oily.

The Ordinary Squalene cleanser: Text


  • Not really a negative of the cleanser itself, but it is constantly sold out. I couldn't decide whether this was a plus for the product as the fact it's impossible to get your hands on really is a testament by how loved it is. 

  • Although I used it daily, I did find I went through it a lot quicker than other cleansers. Looking at the reviews this seemed to be a running theme throughout.

The Ordinary Squalene cleanser: Text


Did I like it? Yes, yes yes

Price? You'll find this starting at £5.50 for the smaller 50ml.

Would I repurchase? Absolutely. There's a The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser shaped whole on my bathroom shelf as we speak. 

Average online review ratings: 4.5/5 stars (Sources Cult Beauty, Influenster)

The Ordinary Squalene cleanser: Text
The Ordinary Squalene cleanser: Text
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