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Carrots, sunsets, pumpkins…just a few things which may come to mind when you hear the word orange. Food and pretty skies are great, but how about Ole Henriksen’s brightening skincare range?

Despite the brand being around since the seventies, the world really started taking notice in early 2019, when Boots began stocking their products, and we saw an avalanche of online influencers including the Truth Serum and Banana Bright range in their monthly favourites.

All in a bid to make your skin as juicy, bright, and supple as possible, its main ingredients include vitamin C, collagen, orange, and green tea extracts as well as aloe juice.  I used this daily, as instructions advise, before moisturiser as part of my morning routine.

Ole henrik truth serum: Products


  • This product has a watery consistency, allowing it to apply easily and absorb like a dream with no tackiness.

  • The sheer fluidity of the serum feels like a big drink of water for your face. It is incredibly quenching and made for a lovely base beneath my moisturiser and make up.

Ole henrik truth serum: Text


  • The product has a heavy artificial orange scent and colour which really surprised me. In my experience, as people are getting savvier with what they put on their skin, brands adding artificial smells or colourants in their products is a dying trend.

  • I initially found the scent off-putting for this exact reason, however as much as it goes against my skincare morals, I did learn to like it. Although, I would still recommend to steer clear if you are not a fan of fragrance, your skin doesn’t get along with it or just dislike the smell of oranges…

  • I was disappointed to find that after 3 months of consistent daily use, I saw little to no difference in my skin. On a day-to-day basis, I enjoyed how it made my skin look and feel, however unfortunately no long-term benefits have been observed.

  • This was the quickest I’ve gone through a serum. At the standard 30ml size, it failed to last as long as others have by a long way. I believe this was due to the generous pump and the fluidity of the serum which make it difficult not to go through quickly. I would advise to learn from my mistakes and be mindful when pumping - a little goes a long way.

Ole henrik truth serum: Text


Did I like it? I enjoyed the experience of using it, the application was lovely.

Price? £42.00 for 30ml (Boots)

Would I repurchase? No. The long-term results were sadly non-existent to me to justify the price tag. Although I would not deter anyone from trying this, there are plenty of reviews where people have raved about the this product, and the only bad reviews (few and far between) I’ve come across are from those like me who didn’t see much difference.

Average online review ratings out of 5: 4.4 on Google, 3.4 Make Up Alley. 4.8 Boots

Ole henrik truth serum: Text
Ole henrik truth serum: Text
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