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First off, I need to state that I was very dubious about Glamglow before I used their products. It seemed like a skincare brand for people who are more make up and packaging inclined rather than the quality of the product itself... judgemental? Maybe. But hey, first impressions count.  

All the above said, when a friend gave me a few minis to try she had barely finished her sentence before I'd snatched them out of her hands - after all, Glamglow hasn't earned a spot on a Space:NK shelf for nothing.

The Galacticleanse advertises to be a jelly to milk type consistency. You use on dry skin to melt away make up, SPF and you're usual offenders, before adding warm water to lather it into a creamy consistency and washing off.

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  • This isn't a milky cleanser as advertised. At least I wouldn't describe it as one. Not dissimilar to The Ordinary's Squalene cleanser, it's more of a jelly-to-oil type consistency, which is a plus for me as it felt like it really worked into my skin a lot harder than a gentle milky cleanse would.

  • The scent. This may not be a good thing for those who dislike oranges or heavy scents, and although I would usually be the same I would be telling a big porky lie if I said I didn't drool over the smell of this. It smells like a Terry's Chocolate Orange Jelly bean. And I don't even like Terry's Chocolate Orange - or Jelly beans for that matter (I know, sue me). 

  • It does what it says on the tin. It's quite a thick texture perfect for melting the day away. I use this as a first cleanse if I feel like my skin is dirty, or as a second cleanse if my skin is dry. Which brings me onto my next point..

  • This is super hydrating, and the main plus from other reviewers about this item aside from it's make up removal qualities. My skin always feels soft and quenched after use.

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  • I found it took a good few rinses to get the product off, however this is the nature of thicker, balm-type cleansers. Just ensure you have a flannel to hand and you'll be set.

  • The product itself has some shimmer to it. I don't feel it's necessary for my skincare to glow up like a glitterball, however I fully appreciate this would be up some people's street. 

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Did I like it? Yes - so, SO pleasantly surprised.

Price? Ranging in the £15-30 bracket, this is one of the lower ends of boujee branded cleanses, but still enough to feel luxurious.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

Average online review ratings: 4.5 stars (Sources Amazon, influester, Lookfantastic)

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