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It’s not unknown the pro-collagen cleansing balm is one of Elemis’ bestselling products, and being the cleanser fiend that I am it wasn’t long until I got my hands on it.

The original pro-collagen balm we’re all familiar with has been infused with rose extract to create this luxurious cleanser with a twist, which Elemis advertises to easily dissolve makeup and dirt for petal-soft skin. Ooh la-la.

You can use this as a daily cleanser or as a weekly face mask. Elemis advise to use a pea size amount, warming it up in your hands, before massaging into your face and neck. It comes with its own face cloth, which you dampen with warm water to remove the product.

It’s main selling point is how incredibly nourishing the product is; filled with a plethora of oils (almond, jojoba, rose, elderberry, oat, coconut and rosehip oil just to name a few), it sets out to moisturise and soothe the outermost layer of the skin (AKA the lipid barrier) leaving it rehydrated and glowing.

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  • The consistency of this balm is everything - ideal for removing heavy makeup and built-up grime. My face is left feeling refreshed and hydrated. I liken it to The Inkey list Oat Balm cleanser, however this is much easier to remove after use and doesn’t leave a residue. It’s incredibly thick, however once warmed up and massaged into the skin it melts down, making it easy to work with.

  • We all love a multi-use product, and as this also doubles up as a face mask it can help justify the price tag (at least that's what I tell myself). Perfect for the colder months or if you just want to add a little more plumpness to your skin.

  • This lasted a long time. I use it in rotation with other cleansers and it has lasted me more than a year. A little goes a long way.

  • It smells beautiful. I’m not usually a fan of rose scented products (too…musty?), but this is an exception. It smells delicate and floral yet fresh, without being overpowering.

  • The branded flannel it comes with has become my favourite to use. Thick and fluffy, you can feel the high quality and luxuriousness of the brand come through it.

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  • The price is hefty. Elemis products are spa level quality, and with that comes spa level prices. The standard 100g retails around £44, however you can get a starter size for as little as £9.20 for 20g if you want to try before committing to the high price tag.

  • It comes with a tiny applicator which although is cute, it’s also both unnecessary and wasteful in a time we are trying to reduce single use plastic.

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Did I like it? Definitely. It really is one of a kind and a welcome injection of luxury into my evening routine. This, along with the original balm, is always spoken highly from those I know who use it.

Price? £44 for 100ml

Would I repurchase? Yes

Average online review ratings: 5/5 on AllBeauty, Look Fantastic and Elemis own website

Elemis Pro-Collagen: Text
Elemis Pro-Collagen: Text
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