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PSA: BOBBIE BROWN DO SKINCARE. You heard it first here people. Well, maybe not first, but I doubt skincare is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Bobbi Brown”. You may have heard of the Vitamin Enriched Face Base which has a cult following of its own, however it’s time to bring the rest of the skincare line out of the shadows.

This is as close to a classic cleansing oil as you can get. Its top ingredients feature mainly emollients, which are moisturising treatments added into products to soothe and hydrate the skin. They cover the skin with a protective film to shut in moisture and are found in many skincare products.

Bobbi Brown advises to smooth 3-4 pumps over dry skin, add warm water and massage to melt away makeup and daily grim. I personally find 2 pumps is more than enough, and I massage the oil into dry skin first before adding water as I find it loosens make up easier this way.

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  • This was my first experience of a proper oil cleanser and I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life. It was the first product I started using as part of a double cleanse – a ritual I didn’t fully understand until I noticed the difference it made to my skin. Whether it was the introduction of an oil, double cleanse or the BB cleanser itself, the texture of my skin completely changed within a matter of days.

  • The oil washes away with ease at the introduction of warm water, you can use a cloth if you prefer but the great thing is that it’s not necessary. The only thing your left with is silky smooth skin rather than oily residue.

  • This has lasted me a long time, a year of frequent (not daily) use.

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  • It is expensive for an oil cleanser, at £35 you can find less expensive options which are probably just as good. I’ve heard it likened to the Bare Minerals and The Body Shop camomile oil cleansers, which are both significantly cheaper.

  • I was lucky enough to have this passed on to me from a friend who reacted badly to it. She has oily and very sensitive skin, so this may not be one for you if you share a similar skin personality

Bobbi Brown oil cleanse: Text


Did I like it? Yes, it’s lovely to use and I saw results.

Price? From £35 for 200ml

Would I repurchase? Yes, although there are a couple similar oil cleansers in the market I want to try first before repurchasing (see above). I cannot rave enough about the difference this product has made to my skin, however further investigation needs to be done as to whether it is specifically this oil my skin loves or just an oil cleanse. An excuse to test out some more products? Oh go on then, in the name of research..

Average online review ratings: 4.7/5 (Google reviews, Bobbi Brown, Boots)

Bobbi Brown oil cleanse: Text
Bobbi Brown oil cleanse: Text
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